Sval – Grenade




Sval – Grenade

No, it’s not going too well in Sval’s life. At least, she thinks so in her new song “Grenade” about those moments when you want to throw everything out of the window or – metaphorically – drop a grenade. But then, this is an upbeat pop song that wants to show you a way out of such a stalemate.

Sval explains:

“I had so much fun creating ‘GRENADE’. It was the type of session where we just played around and did what felt natural. Sometimes I tend to make lyrics more complicated than they need to be, but on this track I wanted to keep the message clear.

“To me, ‘GRENADE’ is a self destructive and liberating song at the same time. It’s about embracing sadness and anger, and even though the song has a sad tone it’s something beautiful about owning those feelings completely.

“Whenever I’m feeling sad, as long as I get to sit with those feelings for a while, I’m fine. The song has a certain kind of loneliness attached to it, thoughts of others not understanding your feelings. Hopefully people can release to that.”

Listen to “Grenade,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or below on YouTube:

(Photo: Jonathan Vivaas)

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