Pitou – Dancer [Video]




Pitou – Dancer [Video]

Pitou is an Amsterdam-based artist who we fell in love with earlier this year. Her new single “Dancer” is another highlight from her upcoming album “Big Tear,” out in Spring 2023. While the song never leaves its acoustic roots, she and eight musicians built the track out of many different sonic elements that beautifully vibe together.

Pitou says about the song:

“This movement, from dark to light and back again, sometimes feels very violent. Like a natural phenomenon, waves, that you are forced to give in to. I’ve been thinking about these waves, and how I would like to be more graceful in the surrendering. Make it less of a fight, and more of a dance.”

Listen to “Dancer,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or watch the video below:

(Photo: Rayan Nohra)

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