Ellen Krauss – Tie Me Down



Ellen Kraus

Ellen Krauss – Tie Me Down

True love is hard to find, and sometimes you can be blinded by the obvious. That is the situation that Swedish singer/songwriter Ellen Krauss finds herself in her new song “Tie Me Down.” as she comes back again and again to the same person. However, the upbeat track comes with a light-heartedness that suggests that no hearts have been broken – yet.

“The song is about not wanting to commit to someone because you’re convinced you’ll find someone even better. But you still stick around just because it’s good and exciting. I wrote this song this fall, I was out and about, dating round and it was great but it was always like ‘she’s not you.’”

Listen to “Tie Me Down,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or below on SoundCloud:

(Photo: Olof Bygren)

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