Eden Rain – Oh God



Eden Rain

Eden Rain – Oh God

“Oh god, maybe I should take more drugs” – that line certainly catches your attention in Eden Rain‘s new song. It is an example of the crazy thoughts that sometimes go through one’s mind. But put over a driving beat into an upbeat pop song, it all is put into perspective. Yes, sometimes everything is too much, but in the end, we’ll deal with it.

Eden Rain says:

“At the very best of times, the thoughts in my brain are random, chaotic and spontaneous. I am, by my own definition, pretty unhinged . Therefore when I found a doodle in my notebook during my session with [producer] Josef that said ‘Oh god maybe i should take more drugs’. I thought.. maybe i should write a song about that. The song is sort of about navigating life and relationships as a chronic overthinker/ anxious girly who is easily overwhelmed. I think the lyrics kind of reflect the darting random thoughts that I have a lot”

Listen to “Oh God,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or watch the video below:

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