Badlands – I Want Blood



Badlands – I Want Blood

Badlands is the artist name of Swedish producer, composer, and sound designer Catharina Jaunviksna, who just released her third album, the magnificent Call to Love. The last track and single from the album, “I Want Blood,” is a masterpiece – period. I don’t use such a label lightheartedly, but the song’s flow and production are exceptionally exquisite. With its carefully orchestrated strings juxtaposed with drum machines and other electronics, “I Want Blood”  feels like an impressionist painting, where hundreds of little color dots come together as an image. Call to Love is created, recorded, mixed, played, and produced by Catharina Jaunviksna herself, with the exception of the rich and atmospheric “Don’t Walk,” which features Felisia Westberg on cello, double bass, and backing vocals. Asked about “I Want Blood,” Catharina says:

This track sums up what the record is all about. Like, you have to kill yourself a little in order to get what you want. One can not keep her entire self and sanity, and at the same time win love over. It’s an exchange. Love in exchange for control; love in exchange for your life as you know it.

Listen to “I Want Blood,” our Song Pick of the Day, and then continue with all that Call to Love has to offer:

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Photo Credit: John Cowhie

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