Geoff Gibbons – Execution Man [Video]



Geoff Gibbons – Execution Man [Video]

In a way, it feels like half a lifetime since we last featured Geoff Gibbons with “Keep on Driving,” back in July 2020, yet the world hasn’t changed that much. While we have learned to live with COVID in all its scary forms, new, equally troublesome events are emerging. In his latest song, “Execution Man,” the Vancouver-based singer/songwriter points his thoughts inwards and reflects on the many layers we surround ourselves with, authentic and faux ones alike. Geoff says about the quiet, moody, and oh-so-catchy track:

We face so many obstacles in our lives –physical, emotional, personal, band psychic — we form so much of our identities based on falsehoods.. the warrior in us must face and destroy those falsehoods. “Execution Man” relates that the death of the false self is necessary in order to discover the true self.

Not an easy undertaking, hence the more somber tones in “Execution Man,” delivered in Geoff’s unpretentious and highly pleasing vocals with backing vocals by Mr. Maph. “Execution Man,” is accompanied by an enigmatic, cinematic music video created by Blue Cafe Music and Video with footage filmed by Morten Lovechild.

Listen to “Execution Man,” our Song Pick of the Day, and enjoy the atmospheric video:

Connect with Geoff Gibbons and add “Execution Man” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

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