LP Giobbi – Body Breathe (ft. Monogem)



LP Giobbi

LP Giobbi – Body Breathe (ft. Monogem)

LP Giobbi is a producer and DJ, but also a pianist in Austin, Texas. For her latest song, “Body Breathe,” she collaborated with LA singer/songwriter Monogem, whom we have already met at several festivals. Highly danceable the song radiates energy and fun. Keep this track ready for a dreary day, especially if you live in a region that has to deal with winter.

LP Giobbi recalls how the song came together:

“I booked Monogem way back in the day to play W Los Angeles after discovering her on a Spotify playlist. I loved her voice and she turned out to be a really kind and wonderful person. We stayed in touch and set up a studio session in my studio in LA. My studio doors were open and I was at the piano playing [Bill Evans’] ‘Peace Piece’ warming up and killing time before Monogem got there. She walked in while I was playing and we started talking about our shared love for jazz. As I continued to tinker around on those chords, she started singing ‘take all the time you need, open up your body breathe…’ Although those chords weren’t right, they got us to her amazing vocals and that vocal got us to the track.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Body Breathe,” on your favorite streaming service or below on Bandcamp:

(Photo: Tonje Thilesen)

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