Blak Emoji – Mainstay



Blak Emoji – Mainstay

We know Blak Emoji since the early glamglare days and couldn’t be more excited to see Kelsey Warren (Blak Emoji) release new music but also his back catalog via ECR Music Group. Today, the New York City producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist offers “Mainstay,” the first single from the forthcoming deluxe edition of his new, remastered album Electro, out in early 2023. “Mainstay” elegantly picks and chooses from different styles and genres, mixes a bit of funk here, a little bit of rock there, and sprinkles of glittering pop, and the result is utterly captivating and simply irresistible!

Kelsey is an artist who is almost (!) too good to be true because not only is he a fantastic vocalist and guitarist (think Lenny Kravitz) but also a great songwriter and lyricist and tops it all off with a charismatic stage presence. (Go see Blak Emoji live!) Asked about “Mainstay,” Kelsey says:

“‘Mainstay’ is simply about being a friend for someone in the end; expressing that you’re “on-call” for a person if they’re down or in a situation. This also relates to how you feel about yourself. Do you need or want to lift yourself up; do you have the tools? Will you be there for yourself like you are for others?”

Listen to “Mainstay,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Violet King

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