teepee – Blind Tomorrow




teepee – Blind Tomorrow

“Blind Tomorrow” is a song about the depressing state of mind you can easily get into by external circumstances. But the intense and dramatic dream-pop track also shows a way out of the situation and ends on a hopeful note.

teepee is the duo of Tereza Lavičková and Miroslav Patočka and “Blind Tomorrow” is the first new song since their 2020 album Where the Ocean Breaks.

Tereza gives some background about the song.

“It is too easy to fall under the spell of the depressing and anxious times we live in right now. I know we are not the only ones with these symptoms. Sometimes getting out of bed seems like the most challenging task in your life and you know that the story repeats itself tomorrow. You get stuck in a cycle that’s hard to get out of, even though you know all about its tricks. I address my invisible enemy in the song and reject it at the end. It’s a story of a struggle with depression, but also about taking a leap of faith for a happy ending.”

Watch the video directed by Tereza herself below:

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