Niamh McKinney – The Price



Niamh McKinney

Niamh McKinney – The Price

Niamh McKinney is a singer/songwriter from Wicklow, Ireland. Her new song, “The Price,” highlights the complexity of human emotions that can lead you in the opposite direction from happiness. The subtle, guitar-driven arrangement supports the haunting character of Niamh’s voice – and haunted she is:

“‘The Price’ is a song about guilt, and how guilt can become a state you live in and become so accustomed to you don’t necessarily want to be free of it, or to know anything different. Newness can be unnerving, and the thoughts of leaving behind an emotional state that now feels like home can be terrifying. The song endeavours to capture the conflicting feelings of wanting to be free, yet also not wanting to leave the prison created for the self, if only because of its deep sense of binding familiarity.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “The Price,” below on Bandcamp or Spotify:

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