Tess LeBlanc – Moon Maiden



Tess LeBlanc

Tess LeBlanc – Moon Maiden

Tess LeBlanc is a singer/songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. She is also a harpist and uses that skill in her new song “Moon Maiden” effectively by setting subtle organic accents in the otherwise ethereal synth-pop track. That gives the mythical story she has in mind a perfectly dreamy soundtrack.

Tess explains:

“I’ve always loved the moon – its mysterious beauty and its classical ties to femininity. ‘Moon Maiden’ was partially inspired by the Chinese legend of Chang’e, who fled to the moon after achieving immortality. I wanted to capture that isolation and longing, trying to be heard when your words are sucked into space. The moon maiden is still up there, all alone.”

Listen to “Moon Maiden,” our Song Pick of the Day, below:

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