Sara Noelle – Slip Away



Sara Noelle – Slip Away

“Slip Away,” the new single by Los Angeles singer/songwriter Sara Noelle is as light and airy as the title suggests. The vibe of “Slip Away” and the lyrics complement each other perfectly, and add Sara’s whisper soft, beautiful vocals, and you have your new favorite day-dream piece. Produced by Dan Duszynski, the track marks the latest cut from Sara’s forthcoming self-released album Do I Have to Feel Everything, out January 27. If the title sounds familiar, I featured the title track a while ago when I first came across Sarah Noelle. Now, I am very much looking forward to listening to the entire album, which promises to be sensational!

Asked about the new single, Sara says:

“This was written during winter in New Mexico, next to a window that let me take in the vastness of the sky and the light on the snow. This could be a love song, or not, it depends on how you listen.”

Listen to “Slip Away,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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