YOUR ANGEL – Misbehave



YOUR ANGEL – Misbehave

“Misbehave,” the new single by LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer Maddy Boyd aka YOUR ANGEL is a brightly sparkling, dizzyingly beautiful piece of dream pop. The gorgeous track marks the latest cut from YOUR ANGEL’s upcoming sophomore album. While Maddy wrote and produced the song alone, she later tapped her friends Nick Noneman and Stephanie D’Arcy to add their unique touches. Asked about “Misbehave,” Maddy says:

“I wrote ‘Misbehave’ when I met my now boyfriend of 2 years. It’s about wanting to throw all of my boundaries out of the window and move super fast with him because I felt like I had known him for my whole life.”

Listen to “Misbehave,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Christina Bryson

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