Skofee – I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant



Skofee – I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant

Los Angeles-based existential alt-pop artist Skofee (née Anna Scholfield) sings “I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant,” and with that simple confession sums up an entire failed relationship. Granted, the process of separation is painful and an experience that needs time to heal. With a song as lustrous and beautiful as “I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant,” and gorgeous vocals like these, I am not too concerned about Anna’s rebounding talent and well-being. Skofee’s sophomore EP, Joyland, is set for release in 2023 and touches on love, loss, and the search for happiness in familiar places. Asked about her new single, Skofee says:

“I’m a little bit scared of this song. It’s one of the more personal songs I’ve written, detailing the end of a relationship via the metaphor of killing a plant.”

Listen to “I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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