néomí – Skipping Stone




néomí – Skipping Stone

Some people cannot go near a body of water featuring a pebble beach without searching for skipping stones, which they make bounce off the water. For some, it is a delightful show off of a useless skill; for others pure frustration. But no matter how many hops the stone makes, it inevitably sinks. This is the metaphor Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter néomí uses to make an emotional appeal to save a relationship. She explains:

“I remember myself writing this with my dear friend Jesse Koch, while I had just fallen in love with someone. That someone was going through a difficult time, and in those moments of our relationship I felt like a skipping stone: picked up and thrown over the water, as if I was nothing to him. When I was younger my Dad and I would go down to the river in France to find those flat stones and he would try to teach me how to skip them over the water. I always got frustrated doing it and it’s the image that came to my mind when writing this song. I felt so insecure, not about me or my lover individually but the love we had. I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t allow me to let me in. It felt unfair because I was letting him in, and he just threw me away, like I was his skipping stone to sink somewhere in the lake.”

“Skipping Stone” is the second single from néomí’s upcoming EP After, out on April 14 via Pias. Listen to our Song Pick of the day below:

(Photo: Philine van den Hul)

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