Tommy Ashby – When Love Goes Dark [Video]



Tommy Ashby – When Love Goes Dark [Video]

Scottish singer/songwriter Tommy Ashby is about to release his debut album on March 3rd, and the gorgeous “When Love Goes Dark” is part of it. Titled Lamplighter, the album also includes the vibrant “Beautiful Day,” which we featured in September last year. As the title implies, “When Love Goes Dark,” tackles more difficult subject matter, and Tommy says about the song and the record:

“This was the first song I wrote for the album. It’s about the difficulties of trying to go in the direction you chose, doing the things you actually want to. You often find yourself fighting against prevailing winds; reasons to stop or change to an easier course. The small steps that you can fall into, that take you away from what you wanted. The lyric ‘Could you tell a little white lie?’ is Kinda like the devil whispering on your shoulder. But ultimately, you should hold on tight to the thing that made you want to do it in the first place. The spark of an idea that inspired you to start.”

A cinematic video accompanies the track, and Tommy adds:

“Through the whole of the video I am carrying a candle, which echos the ‘hold on tight to your heart’ chorus lyric in the song. It’s the idea that everyone is carrying around something fragile and trying to protect it while going through their life. Life throws everything at you and all the while you stumble along trying to stop your little flame from going out. Sometimes that fragile thing can seem like a burden, but we never stop trying to protect it. At the end you can see other lights flickering across the loch at sunrise. Everyone is doing their best to carry their candles too. I think knowing that you are not alone in that is comforting.”

Listen to “When Love Goes Dark,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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