Yvonne Ambrée – Anyone Someone



Yvonne Ambrée – Anyone Someone

Singer/songwriter, and producer Yvonne Ambrée, also known as Panteon, released the utterly gorgeous “Anyone Someone” – a song to dream and relax to.  Born in Berlin, the artist now divides her time between Germany’s capital and Brooklyn, New York. That’s also where she collaborated with New York-based producer Jeremy Page, whom we know because of his longtime collaborations with singer/songwriter Kendra Morris. Often it pays off to not do things all by yourself but seek the input and creativity of another person and the result of “Anyone Someone” speaks for itself.

With its creativity and unexpected twists and turns, and thanks to Yvonne’s magnificent vocals, the track evokes the breathtaking craft of Kate Bush meets the lush dreaminess of electronic duo Zero 7. Asked about her new single, Yvonne says:

“‘Anyone Someone’ was the first song I wrote with producer Jeremy Page in late 2021. After spending most of the ‘pandemic months’ in Berlin and working alone on my solo project Panteon I was really excited to finally collaborate with other musicians in the same space and location again. The song plays with the idea of longing – any kind of longing no matter if for a person, a place or a feeling. Once you are aware of that longing and have no way to feed it it can sometimes turn into a free fall or you think you are loosing your mind slowly along the way (2nd verse the rebel inside of you is confused and what and what not to do…). Sometimes it is nice to remember that patience and learning from failure goes a long way in understanding who you are and who you might want to be even if it means to try again and fail again, waking up to see the hurricane…. It feels easy to say but so hard to forget. I most likely wrote the song as a reminder to myself and maybe I can remind some listeners along the way.”

Listen to “Anyone Someone,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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