Bodywash – Massif Central [Video]



Bodywash – Massif Central [Video]

Bodywash announce a new album with the intense, highly appealing, and totally mesmerizing lead single/video “Massif Central.” The sophomore album, I Held the Shape While I Could, will be out on April 14th via Canadian label Light Organ Records. Comprised of Chris Steward and Rosie Long Decter, the Montreal-based duo reflects on their separate and shared experiences on the new record. “Massif Central” deals with his experiences in his chosen home country, as Chris reveals:

“After eight years living in Canada, in the Spring of 2021, a government clerical error caused me to lose my legal status here. As a UK national, I lost my right to work. My savings trickled away during months where I could do little but pace the corners of my apartment. I was prepared to pack my bags and leave as the life I’d hoped to construct for myself seemed to vanish into a bureaucratic abyss.”

The story continues, and as with every satisfying tale, luckily also found its happy ending as Chris concludes:

“‘Massif’ is the sound of wailing into a cliff and not knowing if you’ll hear an echo. The spoken word is inspired by a squirrel that was trapped in the wall behind my bed, clawing its way to salvation. With the help of friends, family, music, and a few immigration lawyers (and the rest of my savings), I’m now a permanent resident here. But this song remains as testament to my experience with an exploitative institution.”

Listen to “Massif Central,” our Song Pick of the Day, and enjoy the vibrant band video directed by Jordan Allen:

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Photo Credit: Kristina Pedersen

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