Marti West – Nobody Knows Me (Like You)



Marti West – Nobody Knows Me (Like You)

Born in Tuscany, Italy, Marti West is currently based out of London, U.K., where he creates the most tender and touching indie folk. “Nobody Knows Me (Like You)” is another beautiful example of his incredible songwriting talent and can be found on his upcoming album Talking To Strangers, out due April 28. Marti’s gorgeous single tackles a recent breakup and what it means to live in a really big city where you not long ago moved to. With a big dose of catchy nostalgia and just the right amount of wistfulness, “Nobody Knows Me (Like You)” wiggles itself into your ears and pulls on your heartstrings. Marti says:

“Having lived in London for a little while now, I’m very aware how hard it is to meet someone you feel a connection with – especially in a big city. Fresh from a recent breakup, the song is basically about asking yourself, ‘did I make a mistake?’”

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