VIDEO PICKS: Blondshell, Bnny, Nighttime, Saloon Dion



VIDEO PICKS: Blondshell, Bnny, Nighttime, Saloon Dion

Blondshell – Joiner

In “Joiner” L.A. singer/songwriter Sabrina Teitelbaum aka Blondshell plays with the juxtaposition of heavy lyrics and upbeat music. Consequently, the video directed by Alexandra Thurmond is a rather fun affair that features two Blondshells. Sabrina explains where the inspiration came from:

“I was listening to a lot of Britpop when I wrote this song. A lot of those bands (The Verve, Pulp, Suede, Blur etc.) channeled dark subject matter, drugs, and all this dirty stuff, but with a fun acoustic guitar under it. I was listening to The Replacements, too. That’s what this song was inspired by sonically. I wanted it to feel like you’re watching HBO, where even though it’s heavy, it’s still a good time.”

Blondshell’s self-titled debut album is out on April 7 via Partisan Records.

Watch the video now:

Bnny – Breaking Up

“Breaking Up,” the new single and music video by Bnny, a Chicago-based quintet led by Jessica Viscius, is sad and beautiful, smoky hot and nocturnal cool. The music video is directed by Weird Life and invites the listener to dream a little while watching. All is based on Jessica’s tragic experiences and speaks for her talent as a songwriter and performer to keep going.

Watch the video now:

Nighttime – When the Wind is Blowing

Eva Louise Goodman aka Nighttime meets several mythical figures in a forest between dream and reality. “When the Wind is Blowing” is from Nighttime’s latest album, Keeper Is The Heart, out now on Ba Da Bing.

Watch the video now:

Saloon Dion – I Don’t Feel

Saloon Dion is a post-punk five-piece from Bristol, South West England, who released with “I Don’t Feel” not just an absolute banger of a song but a smash-hit of a video too! Rarely does a music video tell a compelling story without taking away from the song’s narrative and sonic allure. This is genius! Asked about the song, the Bristol natives say:

“’I Don’t Feel’ is a song about being reluctant to seek help from others. What it isn’t, is a song about having no feeling, but more of choosing what to feel and when to feel it. It speaks of the barriers we all put up to protect ourselves, no matter the damage they may do in the long run”.

Watch the video now:


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