Circe – Undone




Circe – Undone

“Undone” is an homage to femininity as a primal energy. For that, the London-based musician Circe counters any stereotypes by conjuring up her signature dark pop production with a menacing bassline meandering through the entire song.

Circe reveals the inspiration for the song:

“I read the essay title: ‘Femininity weaponised: a history of women with swords in art’ & copied it down with a note to myself – ‘Circe needs a sword.’ My song ‘Undone’ is the final form of that sword. ”

She adds:

“The line ‘Bring her to me’ is about summoning a feminine energy – an energy I think of as impossibly powerful and emotionally available. Femininity is in no way exclusive to being a woman, I think all genders and people can tap into it. Especially in songwriting; when a song flips your heart or wrenches your gut, I feel that energy is very present.”

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(Photo: Circe)

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