VIDEO PICKS: Black Belt Eagle Scout, Perlee, Photo Ops, Tempesst



VIDEO PICKS: Black Belt Eagle Scout, Perlee, Photo Ops, Tempesst

Black Belt Eagle Scout – Spaces

Katherine Paul, aka Black Belt Eagle Scout, will release her second album, The Land, The Water, The Sky, this Friday. The latest single, “Spaces,” comes with another beautiful video starring her family. She explains:

“I wrote ‘Spaces’ for an audience as a way to sing melodies of healing and care for them,” says Paul. “Since starting Black Belt Eagle Scout, I have moved through many spaces, playing shows for crowds of people. I can’t always connect one on one with everyone and so this song is an attempt to bring my feelings of appreciation I have for everyone who supports my music to life. My parents lend their voices in the chorus melody, my dad with his strong pow wow voice and my mom with her wholesome tone that sounds so similar to mine you can barely notice the distinction between me and her. I want this song to be an offering for those who need to grasp onto something and feel because through feeling and being together, there is healing.”

Watch the video now:

Perlee – Lampshade

It’s important to find yourself, whatever that looks like!” is the simple but important message of the new song “Lampshade” by the Berlin-based Irish duo Perlee. The video tells the uplifting, funny story of somebody finding luck, happiness, and company.

Watch the video now:

“You Must Not Need A Friend At All,” the new single by Photo Ops, comes with a pensive, cinematic video. It deals with feelings of loss and the ensuing feelings of anger and grief, and this very much resonates with me. The music video, directed by Bliss Braoudakis and edited by Chris Grahamthe, does the introspect song justice. Asked about the single but also his upcoming album Burns Bright (out April 28 on paul is dead records) Los Angeles-based Photo Ops né Terry Price says:

“On the whole record, I was very interested in space, and the contrast being acoustic, natural sounds and instruments, and the analog synth. There is something very striking about how natural it can still seem – processing the loss of a relationship, from indoors, looking outside, allowing myself to feel the loss and the passing of anger into an honest grief and complaint of what is left.”

Watch the video now:

Tempesst – Sunset at Maria’s Pt. II

East London’s Tempesst release the gorgeous “Sunset At Maria’s,” the final single from their upcoming album Prisoner Of Desire, due out March 3rd, 2023, via Pony Recordings. Asked about the song and its inspiration, Toma Banjanin (vocals) recalls that it was in Greece with his long-term partner, and explains:

“This is very much a song where there’s light to counteract the darkness. Sometimes relationships can be a struggle, but there are also many moments of bliss and celebration. The song was written quickly..”

They saw a wedding procession filling the streets, a moment of sunshine and happiness. Tom adds:

“..It was a singular, magical moment and this song is about remembering that we have those, often. It can be easy to forget.”

Watch the video now:

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