Otra – E & M




Otra – E & M

Otra is the duo of sisters Laura and Kara Malhotra from Pacifica, CA. While they reveal some of their influences below, it is hard to categorize their music. Synth-pop, maybe, but with a lot of sonic curveballs thrown in. But one thing is sure: their latest single, “E & M,” becomes more catchy every time you listen.

Otra say:

“Haim and St Vincent were on heavy rotation while making this instrumental. We didn’t realize until after piecing together the lyrics that we had written our unabashed album closer—The song is a release of expectations (both from other people and from ourselves) and a simple acceptance.”

“E&M” is from Otra’s debut album I’m Not That Way, out this May. Watch the lyric video below or listen to the song on Bandcamp.

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