ESSIRAY – Mr. Perfect



ESSIRAY – Mr. Perfect

It’s this time of year again, isn’t it? Well, the one that makes us think about our relationships and the people we love or don’t love. And if we’re on the lookout for THE ONE, the upcoming Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on singles and newly bonded couples alike. Indie pop producer, singer, and songwriter ESSIRAY muses about romantic relationships in her newest drop-dead gorgeous song,Mr. Perfect,” and puts things into perspective when she sings, “stop analyzing me, I am single, happy, and I’m free.”

Dublin-based ESSIRAY, aka Rachel Murphy, explains:

“Mr Perfect isn’t about one person or one situation, for me it’s about the combination of emotions I’ve felt though out my early twenties and navigating my love life. As a young woman in this male dominated society it can often feel like we’re being told how to act and how to present ourselves; trying to live up to this societal standard created by men. The track also has a lighthearted undertone of coming out of a relationship, those rose tinted glasses coming off and you’re just feeling happy in yourself.”

Listen to the lush and enchanting “Mr. Perfect,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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