Hallie – Shift the Focus



Hallie – Shift the Focus

Australian singer, songwriter, and producer Hallie (they/she) delights with the sparkly bright “Shift the Focus,” the last single from the just-released debut EP This is Love. Both, the single and the EP, are a beautifully vibrant portrait of a relationship that came to a halt. This is blissful pop with an edge! Asked about the single, Hallie says:

“Shift the Focus’ is about the end stages of a romantic relationship and realizing it can’t be forever but finding peace and acceptance in that. At the time my partner and I were nearing the end of our journey together and we always knew it would end, especially being in our early 20’s, and admitted we both felt that we didn’t know if we had much more to learn from each other. It was freeing being able to share that and destigmatize the end having to be a negative thing. Instead, we could share the sadness and surrender to that moment, enjoying that we were still in love in the present and letting that be enough. I wrote ‘Shift the Focus’ with my friends Oscar Sharah and Abby Bella-May. I had just met them the night before and as soon as I got in the studio we got straight into a DnM. It felt like we were all at similar stages in our lives which made this song form so naturally. I had discovered Holly Humberstone just before that and wanted to emulate the bittersweet pop feeling that Holly does so well. This was also the first song I worked on with Oscar and straight away I knew I wanted to work with him on the rest of the EP.”

Listen to “Shift the Focus,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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