Nightbus – Way Past Three [Video]



Nightbus – Way Past Three [Video]

“Way Past Three” marks the debut single by Nightbus, an indie-rock three-piece based in Manchester, U.K. With its sophisticated vibe and understated yet irresistible catchiness, it is hard to believe that the track is only the first song the band has released so far. Such great quality and superb creative output beg the question: what can possibly come next? The bar is set high! For now, there’s “Way Past Three,” the song plus an atmoshperic music video, directed by Nightbus’ Zac, edited by his brother James Melrose, and with an assistant production by band mates Jake and Olive alongside Ben McFall.

“We had this idea of making and creating alternative music that could either be played in the club or perhaps the journey home. Music that soundtracks the highs or even the lows – essentially music for the night time. Those early hours are and can be quite an exposing time, so we think this is the perfect introduction to Nightbus.”

Listen to “Way Past Three,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Kitty Handley

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