Sophie Colette – Don’t Worry



Sophie Colette

Sophie Colette – Don’t Worry

It has been a while since we heard new music from pop singer/songwriter Sophie Colette. But she has used the pandemic downtime well to reenergize her music: she moved from Brooklyn to Richmond, VA, for a change of pace and sharpened her production skills before returning to the studio. Now she is back with “Don’t Worry,” which she co-produced with Ben Rice of Degraw Studios. The song shows her rawer and more vulnerable side, making its upbeat and encouraging message even more powerful.

Sophie says about the song:

“I wanted to write a song I could dance to, to shake off negativity, and get myself out of bed to make that cup of coffee in the morning and get dressed. I needed it as my own antidote to loneliness and self doubt. It became a reminder that I could be my own cheerleader and push myself out of a funk.”

“Don’t Worry,” will be on Sophie’s upcoming EP Kisses From Clay Street. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, below:

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