Rebecca Lappa – Blue Lips



Rebecca Lappa

Rebecca Lappa – Blue Lips

“Blue Lips” is a winterly love story where not only the weather is keeping the temperatures down. “Thinking would we ever do this sober darling / Kissing with blue lips,” sings Canadian musician Rebecca Lappa in her latest song that combines clever lyrics with catchy melodies.

She says:

“Taking you into a world of frozen hearts and blinding snow, “Blue Lips” is a uniquely Canadian story about a friends-with-benefits relationship, combining heartache and excitement together like fire and ice. The winter imagery throughout the song brings forward the harsh realities of a situation where one partner is hoping the relationship will turn into more than it is.”

“Blue Lips” is the first single from Rebecca’s new EP Talkes of a Taurus, out this May. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or watch the cute lyric video below:

(Photo: Lorraine Mortensen)

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