Jackie Mendoza – Mousetrap



Jackie Mendoza

Jackie Mendoza – Mousetrap

“Mousetrap” is the third single from Jackie Mendoza‘s debut album Galaxia de Emociones, which showcases the creative range of the San Diego-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Is it catchy synth-pop or experimental electronics? Throw in the other tracks of the album, and you are in for a unique musical experience.

Jackie explains where the song title comes from:

“I named the demo ‘Mousetrap’ because I thought it was a fun play on words relating to the trap beats, but it painted an image in my head about how some relationships are like mazes and the breakup is a mousetrap.”

Galaxia de Emociones is out next Friday, March 3, on ZZK Records. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Mousetrap,” on your favorite streaming service or watch the video, directed by Orutra Tamayo and animated by Karina Cervantes below:

(Photo: Jack Alo)

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