Sam Wrangle – Dress to Impress



Sam Wrangle – Dress to Impress

Based in Brisbane, Australia, singer/songwriter, and producer Sam Wrangle creates jangly indie rock that is filled with sunshine and feel-good vibes. His new album Smokey Shady deals with a variety of human experiences and tackles everyday occurrences. The album’s lead single, “Dress to Impress” takes society’s obsession with looks and beauty and puts them on a bed of shimmering guitars and alluring synths. Asked about the track, Sam says:

“‘Dress to Impress’ is quite literal. It’s a commentary on a narcissist’s want to please people and to present a good image—whether it’s on a first date or during the daily grind at work.”

Sam notes that the track also reflects on body image and self-esteem and adds:

“The line ‘When I look in the mirror I think I look good, but rarely ever great’ implies that I do think I look good, but not good enough for someone else. The latter idea crops up in the line before the second chorus: ‘perpetually out of your league.’”

Listen to “Dress to Impress,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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