Tina Boonstra – If I Could



Tina Boonstra – If I Could

When we learn to talk about our losses and bereavement, then they don’t become less grave, but the experience becomes less lonely, knowing there are others who went or are still going through a very similar, devastating event. London-based singer/songwriter Tina Boonstra wrote with “If I Could,” an utterly beautiful song, sort of a mantra even inspired by the tragic yet not-so-rare loss a dear friend had to go through. Behind statistics are true life stories, and we probably all know someone who has lost their child because one in four parents experience the loss of their baby at one point. The Liverpool-born artist, who grew up in a missionary family and cut her teeth as a performer at open mic nights in London, says about her new single:

“In a world where we are told anything can be fixed with time, money and a can-do attitude, I don’t know how to sit with pain and weep for what is lost, hoping for better days even as tears flow down”.

With a track as gorgeous and powerful as “If I Could,” I can’t wait to listen to Tina Boonstra’s upcoming album Circle Back, Start Again, due out April 28th.

Listen to “If I Could,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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