VIDEO PICKS: Bella White, Fe Salomon, Hannah Rose Platt, Zohra



VIDEO PICKS: Bella White, Fe Salomon, Hannah Rose Platt, Zohra

Bella White – Break My Heart

Singer-songwriter Bella White channels heartbreak into a beautiful song, complete with a fabulous video that offers plenty for our eyes. When the video ended, I wanted to start right from the beginning again because it had me squealing at the stunning outfit. The silver boots!  The crafty belts! The opulent skirts! There’s a naked cowboy on a horse, too, including free-roaming chicken and sheep, lending the music clip an almost surreal feel. Yet this all grounded and held perfectly together by Bella’s raspy-charming vocals and fantastic writing chops. Growing up with a father from Virginia who was an Appalachian bluegrass player,  she spent her childhood learning to finger pick and going to Bluegrass festivals, now putting this solid background to best use. On April 28th, Bella White releases her second album, Among Other Things. Asked about “Break My Heart,” Bella says:

“Out of all of the songs I’ve written, “Break My Heart” is probably the most explicitly about getting dumped. I wrote it with no intention of ever sharing it. I didn’t even feel any particular emotional attachment to it like I do with my other songs, because it was such an isolated experience, zooming in on one specific moment in time. That said, bringing it to life by turning a valley into a peak felt deeply cathartic. It’s a heartbreaker that I hope will at least get you moving.”

Watch the video directed by Neta Ben Ezra now:

Fe Salomon – Interstate 10

British singer/songwriter Fe Salomon released her debut album Living Rooms, of which the beautifully melancholic “Interstate 1o” is part of. The origins of the track go way back because, in it, Fe reflects on her early memories of her first time in America. The video, however, directed and produced by Johnny Parry, was filmed in Margate on the Kent coastline. Fe says about the production:

“Interstate 10” connects far-flung events that occurred during my travels around the US, including having to escape from a violent manager who gambled all the money away in Vegas. The song was written with my old friend, producer Ru Cook, and it was originally envisioned as a country song.”

Watch the video now:

Hannah Rose Platt – Dead Man On The G Train

The UK singer/songwriter Hannah Rose Platt chose an interesting location for her gripping murder mystery. The G line is the only one not running through Manhattan, so the story happens off the beaten path. No further spoiler, watch the video “Dead Man in the G Train,” animated by Marc Corrigan below:

Watch the video now:

 Zohra – Look for Love

NYC musician Zohra did everything herself for her solo debut “Look For Love.” Surrounded by screens, the futuristic video suggests that she is in some sort of cyber universe, ready to hit the town for some action. The song will be on her debut album Murder in the Temple, out on March 17 via American Dreams.

She says about the video:

“I wanted to make a (hopefully) visually arresting video that captured the charged feeling of the city and partying and the night, and the accompanying solitude. I also wanted the process of making a video be part of the video itself. I was inspired by old Radiohead and Regina Spektor videos. And some Carolee Schneemann for kicks. I filmed and edited everything myself, which I’m proud of and which nearly caused my brain to melt. And, if people want to read some stuff into the video about phones and filming oneself and loneliness and narcissism, that’s ok by me. But mainly I wanted it to feel dynamic and a little sad, just like going out (and staying in)!”

Watch the video now:


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