Nabihah Iqbal – This World Couldn’t See Us



Nabihah Iqbal

Nabihah Iqbal – This World Couldn’t See Us

The London-based multi-faceted artist Nabihah Iqbal took a deviation for her second album Dreamer, now announced for April 28 via Ninja Tune. A burglary of her studio wiped out every progress she had made, and together with other personal circumstances, she had to rethink her approach to music. Nabihah recalls:

“For the first time ever, I’ve made music where I’ve been more patient with it. Normally, when you’re an electronic music producer, you go into the studio, switch your computer on and start working on Ableton or Logic and then build up from that. Whereas, I decided not to go near all that for ages, and I was also forced into this approach in a way, because of the studio burglary and then being in Pakistan, away from all my equipment. Instead, I had to let the ideas develop in my head.”

The album’s first single, “This World Couldn’t See Us,” flows wonderfully on a warm guitar line over an energetic rhythm. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

(Photo: Joseph Hayes)

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