Savannah Conley – Don’t Make Me Reach [Video]



Savannah Conley

Savannah Conley – Don’t Make Me Reach [Video]

“Don’t Make Me Reach” perfectly captures the emotions that flow at a particular moment in a relationship. “Makes me want to start some shit just for the hell of it,” sings Nashville singer/songwriter Savannah Conley because nothing else is working anymore. Does she still care? Wait for the 1:30-minute mark to find out.

Savannah explains:

“‘Don’t Make Me Reach’ was written really quickly. I think I wrote it in ten minutes in a pretty desperate feeling moment. I felt very defeated and had nothing else to give to the situation I was in. The only guitar I had in the house at the time was an old acoustic that was missing a string that I tuned to some dumb alternate tuning and that song was the result.”

Watch the video for our Song Pick of the Day below:

“Don’t Make Me Reach” is the second single of Savanna Conley’s upcoming album Playing the Part of You Is Me, out on May 16.

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