RVG – Squid



RVG – Squid

Melbourne post-punk quartet RVG of lyricist/frontwoman Romy Vager, guitarist Rueben Bloxham, drummer Marc Nolte, and bassist Isabele Wallace released the beautifully brooding and urgent “Squid” from their forthcoming album Brain Worms, out June 2nd on Fire Records. My favorite line from “Squid” is the mesmerizing mantra-like “Don’t go back in time, it’s not worth it!” because dwelling in the past is, indeed, pointless. Keeping precious memories, yes, but for everything else, better to let go. RVG are touring the UK  and Europe this spring, and we keep our fingers crossed that they’ll come over to New York as well!

Listen to “Squid,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Izzie Austin

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