The New Division – Modern Life



The New Division – Modern Life

When was the last time you heard a really good electronic synth-pop piece, one that made you want to start all over again as soon as it ended? A track that is sparkling and bright with a pulsating beat that keeps you going and staying invested. You would want to lend your ears to “Modern Life,” the new single by The New Division. The artist behind that moniker is John Kunkel, a California-based musician, producer, and sound designer with Brazilian American heritage. When John was 18, he moved to Riverside, CA, and says about his experiences back then:

“I remember going to shows back then (2005) and thinking, ‘why aren’t there more synth bands?’ Everyone was making music I wasn’t interested in, whether it was folk, emo, or just generic rock music, and I felt the drive to start my own synth-pop band.”

That was the necessary spark that got John going, and while many think he simply took his name from some of New Wave’s Greatest, it has actually more to do with an economics textbook that he had to read titled “The New Division of Labor.” John explains:

“A lot of fans think the name came from putting together “Joy Division” and “New Order,” but at the time of seeing that book cover, I didn’t even think about it until a few months later when someone pointed it out. I ended up ‘Myspacing’ Peter Hook (New Order) a message to see if he approved of the name, and to my surprise, he responded and said, “Well, I don’t mind it, actually. Your music’s good as well!”

That is such a beautiful affirmation, and I concur with the statement because The New Division does create music that delights and lasts. Listen to “Modern Life,” our Song Pick of the Day, and then continue with the entire equally titled album Modern Life, out now. Enjoy!

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