Francesca Luker – Nobody Seems



Francesca Luker – Nobody Seems

“Nobody Seems,” the new vibrant single by young singer/songwriter Francesca Luker brims with urgency and buoyant exuberance. A stellar production by Phil Marsden, a groovy vibe, and fiery-charming power vocals bring the track home. This is irresistible feel-good pop at its best and puts the Bristol-based musician on the map as one to follow!  We asked Francesca whether she could give us some background to her new song and what the inspiration might be. With “Nobody Seems” she has an important message and says:

Some of my biggest influences for ‘Nobody Seems’ were Neo soul and R&B artists such as Erykah Badu and Ari Lennox, as well as alternative rock artists such as Wolf Alice- so it became quite a difficult song to place one genre label on. I wrote ‘Nobody Seems’ about feeling frequently misunderstood as an autistic woman in today’s chaotic world, with the chorus lyrics acting as a reminder that you can’t please everyone, so you should always back yourself and never let other people’s opinions stop you.

Listen to “Nobody Seems,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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