VIDEO PICKS: Arts Fishing Club, Harriette, Mega Bog, Sophie Colette



VIDEO PICKS: Arts Fishing Club, Harriette, Mega Bog, Sophie Colette

Arts Fishing Club – foster falls

Sometimes it doesn’t take more than a scenic setting, a joyful delivery, and a fantastic song, of course. The new single/video “foster falls” by Nashville’s indie-rock band Arts Fishing Club offers exactly that. It’s like a 3:14 mini-therapy to enjoy life and give the new opportunity a try. Beautiful!

The song’s title is a reference to Foster Falls in Tennessee, and frontman Christopher Kessenich further explains:

“foster falls is a real waterfall and my favorite place to camp in Tennessee. The song is a true story of a first overnight date. In the barrenness of the camping, we began to fall for each other. Camping brings out simplicity and rawness in life. All there is to do is survive, cook over a fire, and enjoy each other’s company. Desolate conditions make it immediately clear if you connect with someone. The song title is a play on words. Just like a waterfall rushing over the edge, there is no stopping, no denying the current of falling in love. Even if you want to get out and protect your heart and emotions, sometimes you’re simply swept off the edge. There is something so raw and human and good about losing all control to love like that.”

Watch the video now:

Harriette – bc i love you

Love makes everything look brighter, so it is impossible not to cheer up when you see Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Harriette having fun in the video “bc i love you.” But there is a downside to it, too, as Harriette explains:

“I wrote this song a day after I got broken up with – I was trying to figure out what went wrong & was blaming myself. “It’s crazy the hoops we jump through to try to make something work because we don’t want to be alone. I guess this song is the product of me processing that phenomenon. It’s why I felt so crazy and alone in this relationship. The song came together so quickly and it was almost effortless to put together in the studio. It is also my favorite song to sing on the EP :).”

Watch the video now:


Mega Bog – Love Is

The prolific musician Erin Birgy aka Mega Bog is about to release a new album End of Everything. The single “Love Is” comes with a dark video that blurs the lines between theater and live-action movies.

Erin says:

“The magic of ‘Love Is’ 100 percent needed a counterpart to plead through the reckoning of love imagined, love’s reality, and Westerman was a noble companion through this musical voyage.”

Watch the video now:

With her new cheerful single “Fun Again,” singer/songwriter Sophie Colette also treats us to a music video. While “Fun Again” deals with trusting yourself to open your heart again to fall in love, the visuals bring this concept home: we see Sophie in a variety of settings exuding confidence and joy. I’d say go for it because the only thing to lose is the opportunity for something worth pursuing, and who doesn’t want to find fulfilling romantic love?

The video is filmed on iPhone and directed by C. Benji Nelson in Richmond, Virginia, and sees Sophie Colette holding hands while enjoying a whimsical weekend strolling alongside the iconic James River, Cary Street alleyways, and an old-school playground. Like the previous single “Don’t Worry,” “Fun Again” can be found on Sophie’s upcoming EP Kisses From Clay Street, out later this spring.

Watch the video now:

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