Ásgeir – Dans nos rêves (feat. Clou)



Ásgeir – Dans nos rêves (feat. Clou)

As longtime fans of Iceland’s singer/songwriter Ásgeir, we were immediately intrigued to listen to his latest work, “Dans nos rêves (feat. Clou).”  The new single takes the original recording of  “Borderland,” and puts it in an even more grandiose setting. “Borderland” can be found on Asgeir’s beautiful 2022 album Time On My Hands , out via One Little Independent Records. Whereas “Dans nos rêves (feat. Clou),” is a stand-alone single, out now.

When asked about the collaboration, Clou recalls:

“Beginning of 2023, Ásgeir’s team invited me to Reykjavik to record a live session of an English-French version of ‘Borderland.’ It was a chance for me to discover Iceland in the winter which was (so so so cold and) a dream come true. I got to work with amazing Icelandic musicians in the Hljóðrit studio with Ásgeir and Kiddi. It was such a fulfilling experience and most of all we had such a fun time working together. I’ve been listening to Ásgeir’s music for many years now and it is an incredible opportunity to be working with him today, I couldn’t be luckier and happier. As it’s my first international collaboration, it’s also a project dear to my heart. It is also a reminder that music has no border”.

Isn’t it such a strong and optimistic statement that music knows no borders? One of the reasons why I knew that I wanted to feature this new version of “Borderland.” It’s fascinating to learn about Ásgeir’s view of the project. He says:

“Clou came over to Iceland for a few days and we worked on this new version of ‘Borderland’ together. She added lyrics for her parts in French and I’m really happy with how it all came together. While she was here we also decided to film a live session and got a few of our friends to come and play with us, and photographer Anna Maggý took some nice photos of us in her studio and outside by the coast. I’m so glad to have gotten to know Clou and hopefully we’ll work together again in the future…”

Listen to “Dans nos rêves (feat. Clou,)” our Song Pick of the Day, and don’t miss the magnificent live video:

Connect with Ásgeir and add “Dans nos rêves (feat. Clou)” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

Photo credit: Anna Maggý

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