VIDEO PICKS: Goodbye Karelle, JFDR, Nabihah Iqbal, Tapeworms



VIDEO PICKS: Goodbye Karelle, JFDR, Nabihah Iqbal, Tapeworms

Goodbye Karelle – Moonroad

When I first watched “Moonroad,” the debut single and music video by Goodbye Karelle, I had YouTube on mute but was instantly enchanted by what I saw: a knight in shining armor, in a bleak winter scene, in pursuit of love. Visuals that captivating are a surefire hit for our video picks series! Upon watching the music clip once more, this time with sound, I was even more in awe. It’s utterly beautiful how Montreal singer-songwriter, actress, and poet Karelle Tremblay, who goes by Goodbye Karelle, acts out the song. “Moonroad” is the first single from her forthcoming debut album Hugh Greene & the Lucies Made Me, which she wrote and brought to life alongside Quebec producer Jean-Philippe Levac.

Watch the video now:

JFDR – Life Man

The Icelandic musician JFDR likes to add gorgeous visuals to her songs. “Life Man” is not different: Watching Jófríður Ákadóttir dressed in a beautiful, albeit somewhat impractical garment has a calming effect, which is what she intended:

“Most of us live fairly hectic lives and it can be a shock when things slow down. The song is about one of those moments; when you get a second to breathe and an overwhelming wave of existentialism hits you in the face. It’s a good time to ask questions, as it is all very strange indeed.”

Watch the video now:

Nabihah Iqbal – Sunflower

“Sunflower” is the second single from Nabihah Iqbal’s upcoming album DREAMER. Filmed in South Africa, the video centers around the titular flower to reminisce about “those who die young and leave their art behind.” Director Luh’ra says about the video:

“The album is very visual and a lot of imagery came to mind while listening. There were a couple of references to sunflowers on the album so we landed on the track, Sunflower. I had heard rumours of a beautiful sunflower field which seemed an ideal location. The idea was simple, something to boost the summer of Cape Town. I’ll always be a bit of a DIY-kinda-guy and I got that sense from Nabihah too which was why it was fun to have fun making the video, nothing too fancy.”

Watch the video now:

Tapeworms – IRL

Who can say ‘no’ to a video of Paris, one that shows you a side from the city of love less pictured? Add a soundtrack reminiscent of Stereolab and M83’s kind of art-pop, and there you have it, an instant classic! French three-piece Tapeworms are definitely onto something with their new single and video “IRL.” The trio was formed by Margot (vocals, bass, synths) and brothers Elio (drums) and Theo (guitar, synths), and were initially going for a sound as a “shoegaze revival trio”. As far as I’m concerned, that genre is alive and kicking, and the more it is exciting to see the three-piece mix and match what they see fit. They’re on tour in the UK this summer, and fingers crossed they make it over the pond soon too.

Watch the video now:

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