7ebra – Done With The Day [Video]




7ebra – Done With The Day [Video]

“I’m done with the day, I think I’m okay with the things that have happened,” sings the Swedish twin duo 7ebra to reflect on the evening of a busy day. The song has a calming quality with its steady guitar and drum play, perfect to celebrate a moment when life is just ok.

Inez Johansson says:

“In terms of the meaning behind the song, it’s pretty straightforward – it’s about being exhausted- mentally, emotionally and physically, not wanting to go out into the world, not wanting to do anything or see anyone. But that’s not necessarily sad or depressing at all – it’s just the way life is sometimes.”

She also explains how the song came together:

“It was actually the final song we recorded for ‘Bird Hour.’ It almost didn’t make the album in time, but as we were wrapping the recordings up, I suddenly remembered this old song that I wrote a few years ago, and wanted to see how it fit within the album. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out at first, but it came out pretty great I feel. And it’s one that people seem to really enjoy when we play it live, which is a big bonus!”

Inez and her sister Ella will release their debut album Bird Hour as 7ebra on May 5. Watch the video for our Song Pick of the Day, “Done With The Day,” below:

(Photo: Ebba G Ågren)

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