Eden Rain – Crumb [Video]



Eden Rain

Eden Rain – Crumb [Video]

The London-based singer/songwriter Eden Rain has a hang for lyrics that make you listen up and music that draws you in with catchy melodies and engaging beats. “Crumbs,” the latest single from her upcoming EP Gutter Vision (May 19), is no exception. But what is up with the title? Eden offers an exhaustive explanation:

“I’ve always had a strong link to crumbs, I’m always covered with them, creating them, eating them, but this song was kind of a different link. I wrote ‘Crumb’ with Jonny Breakwell in his lovely fairy light lit room and as I was writing about a situation I had been involved in in the past, I sort of realised that I had been willingly lapping up the bits of a attention that someone had given me, like a little dog sat under the table waiting for crumbs. I clocked that when writing the verse so it made sense that the chorus would go in on the crumb metaphor. Whewww… that day was like a free therapy session and every time I’ve played the song since then I think about how obvious the situation was before it clicked in my head. . I’m a girl that likes knowing how I stand with people but I realised that no matter how hard I tried there were some situations and some people that just couldn’t or wouldn’t reciprocate the love I was trying to give them. Anyway I’m so proud of this song and it’s so fun to sing and dance to. It’s the year of the Crumb!”

Watch the video, animated by Eden herself, below or stream our Song Pick of the Day on SoundCloud or Spotify:

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