VIDEO PICKS: Christina Martin, Josienne Clarke, La Faute, Roslyn Witter



VIDEO PICKS: Christina Martin, Josienne Clarke, La Faute, Roslyn Witter

Christina Martin – Little Princess

When I first watched Christina Martin‘s music video for her new single “Little Princess,” then I simply loved the song and the visuals. It’s moodiness but also optimism. Learning more about the background, I feel much more connected, having lost my younger sister (46) in 2014,  albeit caused by different circumstances. Yet, loss and grief are universal experiences we all have to deal with, and the more I applaud the Canadian singer/songwriter for creating such beautiful, highly imaginative art! Christina says about “Little Princess:”

“Growing up I admired my older brother, who was a gifted artist, but also a rebel. He died in 2013 of an opioid overdose at the age of 41. This song touches on our relationship, and a memory of writing my first prose and wanting to impress him with it. We were two embryonic artists, intrinsically bound by blood and similarities, and yet with mental illness in the mix, we kept each other at arm’s length.”

Watch the video, directed by Brendan Henry, now:

Josienne Clarke – Anyone But Me

UK singer/songwriter Josienne Clarke goes dark in her new song “Anyone But Me,” and the gripping video hammers the point home. Director Alec Bowman teases:

“Maybe I just watched too many Hitchcock films in lockdown, but when I was commissioned to make a video for this song, I knew exactly what I had to do.”

Watch the video now:

La Faute – The Crown

“This song could be from the point of view of someone haunting, or being haunted,” says Canadian singer/songwriter La Faute about “The Crown.” For the video, she reimagined old footage into a mysterious story. She explains:

“I made the video using found footage from a cult classic public domain film called ‘Carnival of Souls’ starring Candace Hilligoss, directed by Herk Harvey. In the film, Mary wanders around but can’t figure out why she’s sometimes invisible and inaudible to others.”

Watch the video now:

Roslyn Witter – Good Vibes

Canadian country singer-songwriter Roslyn Witter takes on a little summer vacay in her new video “Good Vibes,” and it immediately works! Watching this cheerful, fun video puts a big smile on my face, and things look much brighter instantly. Roslyn wrote “Good Vibes” in collaboration with her father, singer-songwriter Jim Witter, which she describes as an “almost therapeutic” process. About the video, Roslyn says:

“The winters are LONG in Ontario, so entering a ‘summer’ mindset was a fun distraction.”

Watch the video now:

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