Avalon Emerson – Karaoke Song



Avalon Emerson

Avalon Emerson – Karaoke Song

DJ and dance music producer Avalon Emerson is doing something new with her project & The Charm, out on April 28 on Avalon’s own label Another Dove. While the first single “Sandrail Silhouette,” had some surprising folky vibes, “Karaoke Songs” strikes closer to home with its glittering synths.

Avalon says about the song:

“Intimacy isn’t just the big ticket vulnerabilities, it’s also the breeze blowing little pieces of leaves and dust between two people that you don’t really notice until they’re gone. Are you still reading that book? Are you going to do anything on your birthday? It’s on a Saturday this year. How’s your dog’s training going? “Karaoke Song” is the wondering and not wondering that fills in the gaps where all those little things used to live.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Karaoke Song,” here:

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