Slye – Here And Now



Slye – Here And Now

With Slye, I am completely in awe since the first time I heard the Liverpool-based singer/songwriter’s vocals and guitar chops. My admiration only grows after having listened to “Here And Now.” Here’s an artist, who not only knows how to write a compelling song with depth and meaning but who also how to deliver it thanks to his mesmerizing vocals and stellar guitar work.

Hard pressed, I have my forever-favorite track by Slye, but “Here And Now” is a close second with its brilliant ebb and flow and infectious funkiness. When asked about his new single, the first in over a year, Slye offers:

“‘Here And Now’ is the lead single of the new EP, focused on the idea of staying present and in the moment. And I don’t mean to say it just as a general piece of phatic and signalling language, but as an actual reminder, to all of us, to remember the bigger picture of being present. It’s all good getting swept away in the moment, but to me that doesn’t define what being ‘present’ is? It’s not just being available in the moment but also being in the centre of a story.”

Listen to “Here And Now,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Misa Osama

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