The Horn – Another Way



The Horn – Another Way

British indie-rockers The Horn landed on our radar last year with the infectious “Do It Now” and continue their streak of melodic and beautifully catchy songs with “Another Way. It’s songwriter/bassist Nick True (Friends of Gavin) who founded The Horn and who can look back on experiences like touring with REM or headlining The Smiths’ first London show. With The Horn, Nick is able to relive his 20s alongside four brilliant (younger**) musicians: multi-instrumentalist Danny Monk, keyboardist Ed Cox, drummer Alex Moorse, and singer/guitarist Jonny Taylor. The quintet doesn’t have much social media going on, but that’s okay as they let their music speak.

“Another Way” features pulsating beats, sharp guitars, and Johnny’s gorgeous vocals and makes for a song you’d like to energize your day with or maybe dance the night away. In short, it’s the perfect banger to kick off the warmer weather and we can’t wait to enjoy more from The Horn!

Listen to “Another Way,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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** In the end, I decided on adding the adjective “younger” because at glamglare, we’re thinking a lot about the music industry’s age bias, like as in one of our recent weekly newsletters.

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