VIDEO PICKS: Avalon Emerson, dné, PJ Harvey, WVVE



VIDEO PICKS: Avalon Emerson, dné, PJ Harvey, WVVE

Avalon Emerson – Astrology Poisoning

We have been talking a lot about Avalon Emerson lately, and more to come in our newsletter. “Astrology Poisoning” is the latest single off her brilliant album  & the Charm, out now. The video blurs virtual and actual reality into a futuristic decaying desert world.

Avalon says:

‘“Astrology Poisoning’ is about the evolving void that we all feel and try to fill, with people, community, a god, some other amorphous woo, etc. Sometimes we succeed, other times not, still we wander.”

Watch the video now:

dné – Traps In My Feed (feat. FVLCRVM)

Prague-based producer Ondřej Holý creates ambient-electronic music under the moniker dné (d-neh) and is set to release his long-awaited second album Basic Living via Platoon. A cut from his upcoming album is the atmospheric “Traps In My Feed,” featuring FVLCRVM. The song is accompanied by a highly fascinating video that keeps you on your toes and curious about what exactly’s going on.

Asked about his album, Ondřej says:

“I like the idea of reclaiming the term ‘basic’. Nowadays, when we say something or someone is basic it is viewed as being lame. But in the end we all are kinda basic, chasing the same feelings and wanting to fill our lives with things that have similar motivations.”

Watch the video now:


PJ Harvey – A Child’s Question

PJ Harvey is a musician whose artistic fire never seems to burn down. With her new song “A Child’s Question,” she announced her 10th album Inside the Dying Year, out on July 7 on Partisan Records. The video visualizes the poetry behind the song.

PJ Harvey says:

“I think the album is about searching, looking – the intensity of first love, and seeking meaning. Not that there has to be a message, but the feeling I get from the record is one of love – it’s tinged with sadness and loss, but it’s loving. I think that’s what makes it feel so welcoming: so open.”

Watch the video now:

WVVE – Sweet Like Sugar

Korean singer/songwriter WVVE (wave) released her debut single “Sweet Like Sugar” together with a video that shows the artist and her beau in a real estate dream setting, and we’re always game for great locations! “Sweet Like Sugar” is produced by Jordan Lewis (Travis Scott, Drake, ASAP Ferg) and engineered by Thomas Ross Johansen (Elton John, Bruno Mars) and Jack Omstead as part of a collaboration between Seoul Institute of the Arts and JChung Mgmt.

Asked about her debut, WVVE says:

“Using both the Korean and English language, ‘Sweet Like Sugar’ displays the true beauty and stimulating feelings of falling in love.”

And this is exactly what we love about this track! The mix is fluent and almost unnoticeable. The Korean part is more like a romantic whisper than putting the language front and center. Well done! We’re looking forward to hearing more.

Watch the video now:

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