VIDEO PICKS: Freya Beer, Hourglass, Nanna, Wombuï



VIDEO PICKS: Freya Beer, Hourglass, Nanna, Wombuï

Freya Beer – Fantasy

West-London singer-songwriter Freya Beer released a double single, “Fantasy” and “Galore,” and we focus on the track with the video, the lush and dreamy yet with dark undertones “Fantasy.” asked about the track, Freya says:

“Fantasy is an unfiltered exploration of self-discovery and expressing your thoughts in a fictional world. I wanted to write a song that emotes raw emotion and tells the listener to embrace their feelings in a positive way.”

The music video is filmed by John Brice, and directed by Paul Gallagher, with the concept by Freya Beer herself.

Watch the video now:


Hourglvss – Calling

The Welsh four-piece HOURGLVSS takes you into a flashy, colorful world in their video “Calling.” There is an undeniable 80s feel to the clip, including Simmons drum pads, even though those visual effects would have been impossibly expensive four decades ago. And what’s up with the lipstick? The band says:

We wanted the main character in the song to have an animated and whimsical feel to keep the video light hearted, so we used our Lipstick Mascot

Watch the video now:

Nanna – How To Start A Garden

Nanna is a singer in the Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men, and How to Start a Garden is her debut solo album. The visuals for the title track are labeled a lyric video but shot in Nanna’s home country, even that looks beautiful. Although there were some risks involved, as Nanna recalls:

“We snuck into the Glacier called Snæfellsjökull to do the shoot. We drove up an icy path to get there in cars that were not meant for those roads. We shot for about an hour and the wind started to pick up. It felt like a storm was coming so we had to leave before things got too scary for us.”

Watch the video now:

Wombo – Slab

From Lousiville, Kentucky, comes indie-rock trio Wombo, who just released their new single “slab,” while gearing up to go on tour in Europe, where they’ll play a few cool music festivals along the way. The alluring music video shows the three in different dream-like scenarios and was directed, edited, and filmed by the three band members, Sydney Chadwick, Cameron Lowe, and Joel Taylor. Cameron explains:

“The lyrics were drawn up as soon as we wrote the song, while staring at the concrete walls in Joel’s basement. The video imagines what would happen if we literally removed the basement wall and instead opened it to a stream of random scenes and ideas like a pharmacy, a replica of Sydney’s house and front porch, the imaginary bedroom, and a journal entry of Sydney’s about a dream she had.”

Watch the video now:

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