Rainlights – Brand New Sneakers




Rainlights – Brand New Sneakers

Rachel Chevat aka Rainlights wants to “take you away for a moment, wherever you are.” The singer, songwriter, producer, and sound engineer achieves that with lyrics that capture the essence of the moment and a production that is simple at first but then reveals more layers with every listen.

Her first 2023 single, “Brand New Sneakers,” again shows Rachel’s special songwriting gift by starting with an almost mundane moment that then opens up to a bigger story.

She says:

“The first line of ‘brand new sneakers’ is true- every time I break in my shoes, my ankles bleed to no end. I wrote it very literally but it feels real for other aspects of life, too- in the sense that, beginnings are hard. New shoes are shiny and exciting but can also take a great deal of work to adjust to. The rest of the song is sort of about letting go, and I wanted the production to reflect the grandeur of that- not so much the ‘melancholic’ part of letting go, but more the wonder and excitement of new adventures ahead.”

“Brand New Sneakers” is on a double-A-side single, “the girl who sits beneath the surface skin,” together with the equally beautiful “Forgive.” Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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