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Savannah Conley

Savannah Conley Q&A

Come Friday, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Savannah Conley releases her debut album Playing the Part of You is Me. Here at glamglare, we’re already in love with the record: each song has a different vibe and shines a light on relationships from a different angle.

Savannah was so kind to answer a few questions. Listen to her song “I Love You” below and read on to learn more about Savannah and her album.

When did you first start songwriting, and what music were you listening to at that time?

i started “seriously” writing songs, by that i mean writing them down with a pen and paper instead of it just living in my head, when i was probably 11. at that point i was listening to a lot of regina spektor, kings of leon, feist, keane, the beatles, and definitely some like aly & aj in there.

You are quoted as having a conflicted relationship with your hometown Nashville. Do you think living in such a music-centric city makes finding your own way as an artist easier or harder?

absolutely! i wouldn’t say it’s as conflicted as it is complicated. i don’t have a conflict of whether i love it there or not. it obviously has its issues, both major and minor, but it is definitely my home. growing up in such a musical place did so much to foster my love for it, but it also definitely had the opposite effect at the same time. with it being so present and familial, it was harder for me to find a place for myself that didn’t feel already taken.

Let’s discuss your upcoming album Playing the Part of You is Me. First, congratulations on a fantastic record! It is your first full-length release after two albums that never came out. What worked better this time?

firstly, thank you!! this situation was so much different than any past situations i’ve had. we had as much time as we needed or wanted to make this record, so we took almost a year. we were able to go down every rabbit hole we wanted to, and i was able to be more directly involved in it than i ever have been. it was a true collaboration between me and the producer jeremy lutito. i could not be more thankful for him.

The songs of Playing The Part of You Is Me feel like a coherent, keen view of the different stages of a relationship. I still get a sense that the trouble is all worth it. I am wondering though: is the album more of a love or breakup story for you?

ah, well that’s complicated. to be honest, the subject matter has to do with a few different relationships. i just have a lot of what you might call unhealthy patterns, so they all tend to end up looking more or less the same. so, i think it’s both. the vulnerability of loving someone is arguably more vulnerable than the rawness of losing someone. so, i think a lot of it is about coming to terms with that.

It is hard to pick only one favorite song from the album, but I especially love “Don’t Make Me Reach.” You said you wrote this song very quickly on a broken guitar. When did the idea come to you to massively change the song’s mood halfway through?

i honestly don’t know. it kind of just happened when i was writing it. it felt like it came out as a full fledged song.

I would not be surprised if this album makes you a star. Is there any one goal you dream of achieving as a musician?

there’s not one in particular. i just want to be able to tour sustainably and make records for the rest of my life.

You are going on tour in April and May. Do you also plan to come to the East Coast and New York City? I hope you do.

not anything i can say right now, but keep an eye open 🙂

Thank you, Savannah, for your time and your insights. We wish you a great album release and can’t wait to welcome you here on the East Coast in the hopefully near future.

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